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It has always been our policy to quarantine and treat incoming fish for a wide variety of problems they could encounter before they reach us; our top priority is to provide you with animals that are disease and parasite free. We strive to get our fish from the most direct sources possible, often bypassing conventional supply chains and ordering from collectors themselves. This has proven a significant attribute to our success and that of our customers.

Each animal that comes through our doors is given anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic baths followed by a combination of careful observation, medicated foods, and "conditioning". Conditioning is the process by which we slowly de-stress and adapt each animal to lighting schedule and a wide variety of foods including PE mysis, LRS "Fish Frenzy", regular mysis shrimp, New Life Spectrum pellets, and/or Seaweed Extreme pellets (depending on the animal). We do not ship fish unless they they are healthy, conditioned, and eating well. All of our incoming fish systems are sterile; they are filtered without sand or live rock and include the maximum amount of UV sterilization possible. We also custom designed each system so that each tank has independent drains and returns that lead directly to the massive UV sterilizers. This ensures all organisms are killed quickly before they can spread elsewhere in each system. If a fish shows any symptoms (at any time) they are immediately separated even further and given a more specific regimen of dips, baths, and/or medications depending on the problem identified. These fish are not returned to the main holding systems until we are 100% positive they cannot transmit anything to any other fish.

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