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Reefwise provides the healthiest animals at the best value in the industry. We take our husbandry and packaging to the extreme, ensuring our customers receive the best quality livestock available. Each order is triple bagged with more than enough water, pure oxygen, heat/cool packs, and extra thick Styrofoam. Shipping often costs us significantly more than the rate we charge you. We package every order to withstand extreme weather conditions and untimely delays, in case of emergency. Our success rate is nearly perfect.

We guarantee live arrival on all orders (provided you are present to sign for and accept your order at the time of arrival). We will always assume responsibility for any issues caused by us. However, we are unable to assume responsibility for any variables beyond our control. This includes acclimation, tank mates, quarantine, medications, husbandry, etc... Therefor, we will not be compelled to offer refunds in these cases. We always will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the care of your order to ensure your success, both before and after your order.

If for some reason your order does not endure the trip, we will be happy to give you a credit to use on your next purchase. We ask that DOA items be photographed and emailed to within 2 hours of receiving your order. Please do not discard your DOA specimen, as we may ask for it to be sent back for inspection/necropsy. We may request 2-3 weeks for DOA items to be evaluated for DOA, as fish/coral may take time to recover from the shipping stress. 

 We are not responsible for harm to coral due to error in acclamation or husbandry. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to care of your order at anytime.  Lastly, we are not responsible for any outcome caused by delays from FedEx, incorrect shipping information, or any other circumstance not caused by Reefwise.

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