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What is Reefwise?
Reefwise is a "warehouse style" saltwater reef aquarium store located just off I355 in Lisle, Illinois. We strive to maintain the largest selection of corals found in the Midwest. Our reef is home to an enormous variety of coral and fish species for the beginner to the most advanced reef hobbyist.

Why Choose Reefwise?
Reefwise is not your typical box reef store. We literally recreated a part of the ocean inside our retail store. Instead of small frag tanks, we house a 40-foot long coral reef! The reef is powered by thousands of gallons of saltwater providing optimal living conditions for every single coral in our reef. The reef at Reefwise is home to everything from Acorpora to Zoanthids. With a reef system like ours, we have one of the largest selections of the healthiest coral to found in the Midwest. Don't take our word for it, stop by Reefwise today and see for yourself!

Hours of Operation:

  Monday: 2p - 8p
  Tuesday: 2p - 8p
  Wednesday: 2p - 8p
  Thursday: 2p - 8p
  Friday: 2p - 8p
  Saturday: 11a - 5p
  Sunday: 11a - 5p

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